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Cathy Combel


Last name: Combel
First name: Cathy
Profession: Fitness Instructor
Specialities: Nordic walking, hiking

Passionnante about hiking and Nordic walking. I criss-cross the Ventoux in search of small trails, forgotten jas, in search of charcoal burners or ice boxes.

Quick overview of the Ventoux region

The Ventoux Massif in department of Vaucluse, before being a place for hiking, cycling, mountain biking and climbing, belonged to lumberjacks, charcoal burners, sheep breeders, farmers, collectors of medicinal plants…

In the 19th century, the jas could accommodate between 7,000 and 8,000 ewes: sheep farming had occupied a primordial place in the Ventoux since the 14th century. Sheep were reared for several reasons: for their meat, for the tallow used to feed the lamps, for their wool: woven in Bédoin to make thick woollen clothes: the fabric of Cadis. I will tell you the stories of these men of the Ventoux.

Nowadays, the Ventoux has become a Regional Natural Park. It protects and enhances the cultural heritage, landscapes, rural traditions, fauna, flora and water. Its name le Ventoux refers to the “mountain that can be seen from afar”. The Giant of Provence, strong and at the same time fragile, with a diversity of environments of the largest cedar forest in Europe, from scree slopes to scree slopes, these landscapes are to be discovered through my hikes.

Guide du Ventoux

As a professional, I will guide you, I will make you visit its combes, its drailles or its jas.

A draille

It is a path that leads either to a sheepfold; or to go down from the woods after cutting or to bring back the ice, during the exploitation of the glaciers.

A jas

It’s a sheepfold, built of dry stone. The shepherd could live and sleep while watching over his flock of sheep (to avoid wolf attacks).

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